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Charles Colin Music / Yardbird Originals

Yardbird Originals


The “Charlie Parker Yardbird Originals” were originally published in 1954 by my dad, Dr. Charles Colin. In his memoir, “Reflections II”, he includes the colorful story of how it came to be that he met Charlie Parker and would publish this early work.

Using most of Pop’s lingo, here is a synopsis of that story:

“In the 40’s – early 50’s “I” had eight studios on the second floor at 111 West 48th Street with several outstanding teachers. One of whom was Jimmy Abato who played bass clarinet with the Met. Between lessons, Jimmy relaxed at Jim and Andy’s, a bar frequented by the top studio and recording artists where they would all meet for a few congenial moments in between sessions.

One day Jimmy was chatting with Charlie Parker who confided that he was going through difficult times and was looking for a way to earn some cash. Jimmy, knowing that pop was into music publishing, suggested that Parker and he meet with the idea that he write a few Be Bop tunes that could be printed in book form. Even though Bebop was not yet in the mainstream or necessarily accepted by the music world, pop had great admiration and confidence in “Charlie Parker” and was willing to make the considerable investment.”

Each of the 5 tunes is presented here transposed into B-flat, C, and E-flat, alongside a piano accompaniment. Take a look at the sample pages to the left and then click above to get a physical copy sent directly to your door.

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