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Charles Colin Music / 3 Octave Scales and Chords

3 Octave Scales and Chords


“Three Octave Scales and Chords” offers the student the most simple and practical material for developing technique in al registers of the saxophone. Twelve scales in every key and usual chords, which provide an inexhaustible combination of tones will help one to keep up with the new ideas, styles and techniques constantly being developed by the modern composer.

The effort of the player to extend his range beyond high F is already evident. Modern arrangers feeling the possibilities of the extended range, will create a necessity for instrumentalists to play above high F.

This book extends the study for saxophone to include a range of three octaves. For those who do not wish to play above high F, cut signs ( ) will appear in the scales.  In the chords, the notes in the lower octave are inserted.  All combinations of articulations may be used, however the legato is recommended first”.

Joe Allard

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