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Charles Colin Music / Chromaticism, Rhythm and Synchronism

Chromaticism, Rhythm and Synchronism


“Thirty- five years of experience, both as a teacher and a performer have led me to develop this system of exercises that has consistently produced excellent results for all my students. . . .  My intention was to establish a connection between the textbooks written on the subject and those relating to technique. My book is not limited to one or the other but, but helps to improve such aspects as articulation, internal rhythms, phrasing, finger synchronism and speed. Even though the exercise in this book were written for the saxophone, all Bohem System instruments (flute, clarinet and oboe) can utilize them equally well by making small adjustments to their registers.  I have personally incorporated these exercises into my own daily routine and have stressed their usefulness with all my students. I sincerely believe that if you, too, practice them faithfully, with discipline, you will achieve deeply satisfying results. Remember – in order to run you must first learn how to walk”.

Carlos Averhoff

“The Chromatic scale is a must in one’s vocabulary. This book has many ways to go about mastering it.” 

Jerry Bergonzi

“An excellent and clearly written book that will be a useful tool for all woodwind students.  Highly recommended.” 

Micheal Brecker

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