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Charles Colin Music / Orchestra Etudes for Bb Trumpet and Piano

Orchestra Etudes for Bb Trumpet and Piano


Brandt’s Orchestra Etudes for Bb Trumpet are a classic part of trumpet pedagogic repertoire. These etudes are meticulously crafted, offering a comprehensive exploration of various styles, techniques, and musical contexts found in orchestral repertoire. Through Brandt’s expertly composed studies, trumpet players can refine their articulation, phrasing, and dynamic control, gaining the skills necessary to shine in the demanding world of orchestral music.

Dr. James Klages has composed piano accompaniments for these classic etudes, taking them to the next level.

Take a look at sample pages of the trumpet solo and piano scores, then click above for an immediate PDF download. The trumpet part and piano accompaniment are sold separately, so if you want both, make sure to add each to your cart.


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