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Charles Colin Music / Williams/Smith Method for Trombone

Williams/Smith Method for Trombone


Read below what Roger Smith had to say about completing this momumental work from the manuscripts of Ernest Williams. We are all thankful for his hard work:

“The Ernest S. Williams Modern Method for Trumpet or Cornet is generally recognized by teachers and students alike as the finest and most complete ” School ” for Trumpet and Cornett hat has ever been written. Both the technical and the musical aspects of these volumes reflect the genius of Dr. Williams as a musician, and as a teacher.”

“I was privileged to study both Trombone and Baritone with Dr. Williams, in fact he was my only teacher on either instrument. After graduation from the Ernest Williams School of Music, I became a member of the faculty, and assisted Dr. Williams with the teaching of Brasses, under his direct guidance, and using this material. Dr. Williams commenced the revision of the books at that time for Trombone and Baritone, a task which he was never to complete. This revision, based largely on his manuscripts, is the result of my training as his pupil and assistant, and of my experience as teacher of Trombone at the Juilliard School of Music.”

“The principal problems were two; proper introduction of the positions on the trombone, which are more difficul to learn than the valve combinations on Baritone or Trumpet, and the contrasting tech­niques of legato and slur on the two instruments. For these reasons some chapters of the book have been revised considerably, and some new material added from time to time.”

If you do not know this book, you have to take a look.

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