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Charles Colin Music / The Talking Trumpet

The Talking Trumpet


After studying trumpet and cornet with such accomplished musicians as Louis Davidson (Cleveland Symphony) , Herbert L. Clarke (Famous Cornetist), Oscar B. Short (Soloist, Goldman-Sousa U. S. Navy Band) and Bartlett L. Lyons (Sousa Band) -this list is a veritable who's who in the brass field, isn't it?- and after having witnessed many times the solid effects of visual education, Wayne Reger started thinking about the possibilities of teaching music by means of pictures. The Chinese, in their own terse concise way, simply say “a picture is worth a thousand words;' so perhaps that is enough said about the philosophy behind this instructional endeavour.

But even the best of pictures – I should say here that the cartoons in this book are the products of Clyde E. (Bud) Morris of Akron, Ohio, whose amazing ability to transcribe Wayne's teaching ideas in picture form is the making of this entire unique presentation – even the best of pictures needs interpretation and explanation. That is why Wayne made a list of suggestions to the reader, which will enable him to benefit fully from “The Talking Trumpet”. Concerning this list, by the way, a well-known teacher from a well-known music school said, “Ninety percent of my time and thought in teaching brass is devoted to the development of these techniques.'' Such has been my own experience; therefore, the following suggestions:

  1. The warm-up exercises should be used every day.
  2. Study each picture carefully and often.
  3. Listen to what comes out of the bell. Start each tone good and keep it going good.
  4. Have this book handy (as a guide) to help you in any problem that you may encounter.

Check out some samples to the left then grab a copy of this wonderful book for your studio or your youngster. It is an absolute must have.

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