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Charles Colin Music / The Intervallistic Concept

The Intervallistic Concept


This 3 volume edition is packed with hundreds of studies in altissimo playing, intervals, syncopation, chord substitution, polychords, superimposed triads, sequences, modulations, cycles, and much more. It’s a thorough and creative workout which will develop your technique and your harmonic and rhythmic resources.  Here are a few among the dozens, of “Eddieisms”  that will make you reflect with a smile of recognition:

  • A good musician plays well when he’s happy. He even plays good when he’s sad – Overplays when he is angry, and plays nothing when he’ mad.
  • There are no wrong intervals if played in succession
  • There are no wrong chords, only wrong progressions
  • There are no wrong notes, only wrong connections
  • There are no wrong compositions, only wrong inflection.
  • Musical sounds are the the language of the world; only when these musical sounds are analyzed, categorized, overly dramatized and sometimes chastised is when man fails to realize that a musical sound is the beauty of life itself.

Take a look through the table of contents provided in the samples, and then click below to get a physical copy sent to your door.

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