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Charles Colin Music / The Bugler’s Handbook

The Bugler’s Handbook


Charles Colin, the editor of this volume that was compiled by Mel Broiles, outlines the reasoning behind its inception in the opening preface which reads:

Where have all the bugle player’s gone?

A few years ago a major national newspaper included an article stating that due to a lack of the once popular bugler, recorded bugle calls were being used instead, at both military and private ceremonies!

The purpose of this handbook is to harken the timeless (and easy to master) calls like “taps” “Tattoo” and “To the Color”, which should be part of every trumpeter’s repertoire for pleasure or service.

This handbook is set up in two parts: a warm-up section, which will help you sing through the calls, followed by a section of over 60 bugle calls compiled by the late Mel Broiles, Principal Trumpeter, Metropolitan Opera 1958-2001.

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