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Charles Colin Music / Smokin’ Duets in Bass Clef

Smokin’ Duets in Bass Clef


David Baker’s “Smokin’ Duets” is the companion book to his “Cookin’ Duets”. Both feature up tempo, bop-style duets. They are virtuosic, challenging to read and master, and make for great performance material for masterclasses at the college level and for studio use. You can expect to expand on many important skills including:

  1. Developing sight reading skills. To this end the players are encouraged to vary the tempo, dynamics, phrasing as well as switch parts.
  2. Learning to recognize and interpret some of the most commonly used jazz figures.
  3. Developing a feel for swing.
  4. Developing facility and technique.
  5. Developing transpositional skills.

The performer is encouraged to also use the duets for sight singing, studying the II/V7 and other formulaic patterns and in actual performance situations.

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