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Charles Colin Music / Puente’s “Para Los Rumberos” (Big Band Chart)

Puente’s “Para Los Rumberos” (Big Band Chart)


Tito Puente, hailed as the “King of Latin Music,” reshaped the Latin jazz scene through his unmatched musical prowess and electrifying stage presence. His groundbreaking rhythms and boundless enthusiasm remain a driving force for artists and listeners globally, imprinting an enduring legacy on the musical panorama.

By focusing on trumpet as a lead instrument, Puente also played a crucial role in elevating the trumpet’s prominence in Latin music. This collection includes complete scores of Puente’s most beloved works. “Para Los Rumberos” by Tito Puente is a high-energy rumba-infused composition, showcasing Puente’s virtuosity on the timbales and his ability to create infectious rhythms that compel listeners to dance, while also serving as a homage to the vibrant spirit of rumba music.

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