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Charles Colin Music / Piccolo Trumpet in the 21st Century

Piccolo Trumpet in the 21st Century


The following Etudes are a first step to getting used to performing on the piccolo trumpet. The warm-up exercises in this book are the exercises that I use daily for my preparation on the piccolo trumpet. As the word 'warm-up' indicates, they are to be used to get your muscles into shape in a fairly “comfortable” manner in order to allow you to move on to your practice or performance on the instrument for that day. This is why you will notice that the recommendations for dynamics never exceed the mf marking in the warm-ups. It doesn't mean that you won't ever play for ff on a piccolo trumpet but the warm-up is not the time to do it.

These warm ups are followed by wonderful original etudes for the piccolo trumpet, all composed by Allan Colin, and are a great starting place for piccolo trumpet etude repertoire. Chris Gekker is the only other book of comparable piccolo studies that I can think of, and having more of this great literature is wonderful for the contemporary trumpet catalogue.

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