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Charles Colin Music / Jazz Trumpet Technique Vol.3 Chromatics

Jazz Trumpet Technique Vol.3 Chromatics


“Jazz Trumpet Technique: Volume 3- Chromatics” is the third part of a series of books combining trumpet technique with jazz studies. This series emphasizes developing traditional trumpet techniques (i.e. chromatics) while increasing harmonic knowledge related to Jazz improvisation. How many hours do you spend working on the same mindless chromatic, flexibility, and tonguing exercises? By adding harmonic awareness to the exercises, you can exercise your ears, mind, and chops simultaneously. Imagine how productive you will become. E.Jery trumpet player knows the importance of practicing chromatics. The exercises in this book should supplement, not replace, the amount of material practiced. I suggest that you start by spending 25% of the time you would normally spend on traditional chromatic exercises on material in this book. Then increase the percentage (up to 75%) as your chops adjust to this new routine.

Volume 3 is comprised of the chromatic exercises I have found to be best suited to construct chromatic jazz lines. By combining any number of these exercises or adding rhythm to them you can create some interesting lines. These lines can be combined with wider intervals moving in half steps. Volume one of this series, “Jazz Trumpet Technique -Flexibility”, contain such exercises. Please refer to traditional chromatic books for the traditional exercises I have omitted from this book. Most students work on the Clark chromatics, which is a good place to begin, but further study will be of benefit to the aspiring improviser. I also highly recommend “30 Close Interval Exercises” by Allan Colin.

Trumpet players that use chromatic patterns I phrases include Wallace Roney, Miles Davis, Terence Blanchard, Tom Harrell, John McNeil, Tim Hagans, Woody Shaw, Dave Douglas, and Wynton Marsalis.

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