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Charles Colin Music / Jazz Trumpet Technique Vol.2 Tonguing

Jazz Trumpet Technique Vol.2 Tonguing


“Jazz Trumpet Technique: Volume 2- Tonguing” is the second part of a series of books combining trumpet technique with jazz studies. This series emphasizes developing traditional trumpet techniques (i.e. tonguing) while increasing harmonic knowledge related to Jazz improvisation.

How many hours do you spend working on the same mindless tonguing exercises, flexibility exercises, and chromatics? By adding harmonic awareness to the exercises, you can exercise your ears, mind, and chops simultaneously. Imagine how productive you will become. Every trumpet player knows the importance of practicing tonguing. The exercises in this book should supplement (not replace) the amount of material practiced. I suggest that you start by spending 25% of the time you would normally spend on traditional tonguing exercises on material in this book. Then increase the percentage (up to 75%) as your chops adjust to this new routine.

The exercises in volume 2 are comprised of the jazz phrases I have found to be best suited to the development of proper tonguing technique. Diatonics, Wholetone scales, and 1235 exercises fall nicely on the hom. Try to use the tip of the tongue when tonguing. The tip should hit the bottom of the top teeth. Try moving the spot where you hit the teeth until you produce as clean an attack as you can. Once you fmd that spot, you should strive to hit that exact spot every time. Please refer to traditional tonguing books on how to tongue if this is unfamiliar to you.

-The Author

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