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Charles Colin Music / Jazz Saxophone Vol. 3 (Advanced)

Jazz Saxophone Vol. 3 (Advanced)


The series starts on an intermediate easy level and progresses from there.
Therefore, the student should be able to play his instrument (some scales and arpeggios – all the notes on the horn) and he or she should be able to read simple rhythms. Working with a teacher is usually best so that the student can progress at a healthy pace.

The articulations are extremely important as they bring the rhythms to life. I preface each study with an explanation and description so the player can get the most out of the study. There are also examples of the problems which are peculiar to that particular study, and there are examples to practice to prepare one for the etude.

This volume is for fully advanced players who want some challenging and useful music to play through for technical development as well as for sight reading practice and harmonic and melodic in-sights. – Pete Yellin

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