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Charles Colin Music / Guide to Creative Jazz Improvization

Guide to Creative Jazz Improvization


Rick Wald explains the genesis of this book in his foreword:

“This book is about new, original spontaneously composed and played music — improvisation. Here are a few ideas I think will help you to understand improvisation and how to take full advantage of this book. Some people seem to be “natural” musicians. They may not even know how to read music; they may not be able to verbally explain scales and theory. But they feel music; they hear music; they express their own individual thoughts and instincts through music. The purpose and goal of this book is to help you to express your whole self through music. There are no rules presented in this book. I offer you only a means of enlarging your musical vocabulary in order to fully express your wide range of emotions and feelings.

Approach this book in a loose but ordered manner. Relax and have a good time. I have not put any articulation markings or dynamics markings in the book because you are capable of determining them for yourself. I wrote music for you to play – not Mexican Hat Dance or Yankee Doodle type examples. Play this music with your own stylistic nuances – don’t be rigid or stiff. Let yourself out, experiment.”

Rick Wald

If learning to improvise is your goal, look no further. This is the book for you. Check out a bunch of samples to the left, then click below to get a book shipped directly to your door (this product includes both Vol.1 & Vol.2).

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