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Charles Colin Music / Extensions: Range with Relaxation

Extensions: Range with Relaxation


Allan Colin's range building program is based on sound physiology. Gradually increase your range while ascending, and taking as much time in the low register to keep your embouchure supple and safe from lasting hard and overwork. It is a simple method, concisely written, that will give you huge gains without any risks. Here is what Allan says in the foreword:

“This method is designed to comfortably increase your range by alternating ascending (range building) exercises with descending (relaxation) exercises. The success with this (or any) regimen, rests with your discipline to play at a steady rate and maintain a constant air supply to the last note. Equally important is resting at least 4 beats after each double bar.” ~ Allan Colin

Each of the 4 sections includes 7 exercises which concentrate on a specific register of the trumpet:

Section 1 : Low C to G Flat
Section 2: Low G to B
Section 3: C to F
Section 4: G to High C

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