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Charles Colin Music / Embouchure Update (A Clinical Text Reference)

Embouchure Update (A Clinical Text Reference)


The purpose of this book is to reveal some of the “mysteries” about building a well balanced and refined embouchure to the desired level of performance.

The exercises here are designed to address the muscular functions necessary in developing a strong and stable embouchure mechanism. The embouchure is a physically structured mechanism whose components must be coordinated in a systematic manner to achieve the best results.

This book is also intended to help you decide what kind of chops you want, and how to acquire them. Hopefully, you will be motivated to create your own drills based upon those exercises herein, which give the best results.

This is not intended to be a music lesson or an intricate etude book. Such books are quite helpful and abundant. The intention of the drills in this book are, however, strictly clinical, analytical, and calisthenic. This is a collection of studies to enable you to help yourself build strength and maintain your embouchure at the level of performance you require.

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