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Charles Colin Music / Elizabethan Duets for Two Trumpets

Elizabethan Duets for Two Trumpets


Richard Roper’s Elizabethan Duets is a collection of works for two trumpets originally composed by Thomas Morley. These “Canzonets” were origianlly written for two voices and are very effectively repurposed for use on modern instruments. When you are looking for works from the 16th century there honestly is nothing better than these pieces.

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“The Elizabethan Duets, edited by Richard Roper, are possibly the finest editions of duets from this period. They are very useful teacher-student studio materials as well as good recital pieces.” Vince DiMartino

“This is some of the best two-part music ever written, and Richard has done a wonderful job of creating an edition that is ideal for trumpeters. These beautiful duets will challenge our rhythmic skill, as well as our ability to blend and play in tune. Richard’s concise introduction contains valuable information about music of this period, and he offers intelligent advice on how to increase your knowledge of pre-Baroque literature.”Chris Gekker

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