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Charles Colin Music / Breath Control & Advanced Technique for Trombone/Tuba

Breath Control & Advanced Technique for Trombone/Tuba


“No one was ever born to blow into a brass instrument. This is one of man's most unnatural acts. According to all laws of Nature, it is in complete opposition to any natural physical feat. Actually, it is diabolically in opposition to all laws of Nature, for Nature is constantly rebelling at the gross disunity of forcing its patterns to be disoriented. Therefore, there is constant warfare and Nature rebels when we try to dictate the abnormal usage of increasing greater lung capacity, deeper breathing, sensitizing our internal muscles and invading their dormant privacy.” Dr. Charles Colin.

This book contains 6 pages of explanatory text on the art of breath control for low brass players, followed by 18 pages of technical exercises that range from fairly easy to relatively difficult. If you a player who is constantly working on increasing your ease of playing, efficiency, and facility, this book is an absolute must have.

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