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Charles Colin Music / Basic Skills for the Developing Trumpeter

Basic Skills for the Developing Trumpeter


There are many fine technical methods available for intermediate and advanced trumpet players, but very few for elementary players. Many of the famous trumpet method books devote only a few exercises to elementary technique, often at a pace that is too quick for the elementary student. This leads to an incomplete mastery of basic trumpet technique.

This text was developed to teach elementary technique in a slow, logical and sequential manner. Once the student has completed this text he will have a solid foundation and should continue his studies in more advanced method books. He will then have technical mastery of the trumpet; and will be better able to express himself musically.

The range demands are handled carefully to ensure that the student does not have to be able to play a “high C” before he can begin to master technical skills.

The advanced trumpeter can benefit from this text as well. By choosing a few exercises from each section daily, he/she will be able to cover all of his basic skills in a short period of time. This will keep your skills polished, guaranteed.

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