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Charles Colin Music / Advanced Daily Studies for Trumpet

Advanced Daily Studies for Trumpet


For those with the desire to better themselves in transposition, strengthen lip muscles, increase range, and endurance; develop firm and sure fingering, rapid tonguing and the mastery of intricate intervals, this book will prove indispensable.

An original idea in a revolving scale that gradually expands into a two octave range is ideal for increased range building and added proficiency in scale perfection.

The chapters are so arranged that all studies, with the exception of the studies in keys of C and f, (i.e. 4th and 7th chapters) can be interchanged with different keys by a change of key signature.

The varied models and articulations that appear at the beginning of each study are important for the development of ear training and speed of the single tongue.

This book is a part of the Charles Colin Complete Method, a set of 7 books written to cover all areas of study for the modern trumpeter.

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