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Charles Colin Music / 30 Vignettes (not just) for Trumpet

30 Vignettes (not just) for Trumpet


Remember the “Best of” or the “Greatest Hits” compilations? This is how I would describe Allan Colin's new book, “30 Vignettes” – But with an added bonus! In a 'best of' compilation you get the song exactly as it was recorded on the original album. The added bonus here is that Allan has used some of the best trumpet etudes ever written as inspiration to write his own. Each of these vignettes will potentially mimic several of these etudes.

They are still all original and fun to play. By fun to play, I mean that to some they may seem easy (to others, more challenging) but they remain fun in an artistic way. The greatest and most rewarding challenge here is that they will allow the player to express his/her musicianship First and foremost. These vignettes are not written as just another way to challenge one's ability to play something technical just for technique sake and that is what I like most about them … Plus, they can be played on any instrument which is, in my opinion, what music is about.

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