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Keyboard Methods

David Chesky, Michael Cochrane, Oligario Diaz, Bill Dobbins, Bob Hinz, Allan Pasqua, Wlater Stuart, Fats Waller

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CC2300 Bower: Chords & Progressions $18.00
DC1001 Chesky: The NY Corinhas $20.00
DC1002 Chesky: The Tangos $20.00
DC1003 Chesky: The Fantasies $20.00
NS8 Clay: Scale Wise $8.95
NS9 Cochrane: The Melodic Line $7.95
NS13 Cochrane: Harmonic Exerc for the Jazz Pianist $14.95
CC2302 De Vito: Keyboard Chords $ 9.95
CC3021 Diaz: Improvise Now * $20.00
CC3019 Diaz: Latin Jazz Piano Technique Vol. 1 $9.95
CC3020 Diaz: Latin Jazz Piano Technique Vol. 2 $9.95
CC3022 Diaz: Essential Tools for Jazz Piano * $20.00
CC3021 Diaz: Improvise Now $20.00
CC3001 Dobbins: Cont. Jazz Pianist Vol.1 $28.00
CC3002 Dobbins: Cont. Jazz Pianist Vol.2 $28.00
CC3003 Dobbins: Cont. Jazz Pianist Vol.3 $28.00
CC3008 Dobbins: Cont. Jazz Pianist Vol.4 $28.00
CC3017 Pasqua: The Diminished Cycle * $7.95
CC3023 Pasqua: The Architecture of  Music* $14.00
CC3026 Pasqua Songbook: Improv Concepts V.3 $10.00
CC3015 Stuart: Encyclopedia of Basic Piano $8.95
CC3004 Stuart: Encyclopedia of Modern Jazz Piano $18.00
CC3012 Stuart: Jazz Fill Ins $6.95
CC3007 Stuart: Learn to Write Progressive Sounds $6.95
CC3005 Stuart: Modern Piano Styles Vol.1 $6.95
CC3006 Stuart: Modern Piano Styles Vol.2 $6.95
CC3013 Stuart: New Directions in Modern Jazz $6.95
CC3014 Stuart: Piano Self Instructor $6.95
CC3010 Stuart: Piano Perspectives $6.95
NS1 Waller: Fats Waller Jester of Jazz $8.95
CC3016 Yaus: Easy Steps to Rhythm $6.95

Prices and availabiltiy subject to change

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